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South Greek High SchoolThe main idea of this storybook is to tell stories about greek goddesses but placed in a high school setting. I will retell the origin stories of various goddesses and deities as if the reader is a new student at South Greek High School, and is learning about students there. Things such as myths, character traits, relationships with other greek legends, and more will be told throughout the storybook.The 4 episodes I will be doing are about aphrodite, Athena, Gaia, and pheme. the storytelling style I plan on using will be in first person. the narrator will be listening to somebody tell stories about the goddesses while the new student is learning about all of them. These sites below have information about the goddesses and some of the stories about them that I plan on using. Aphrodite

Reading notes: Ramayana, Part A

Valmiki the poet was by the river when he heard the cries of a heron, and he spilled his emotions in metrical speech, birthing the sloka metrethe god Brahma came towards Valmiki and told him to celebrate the story of Rama in this metrical speech there were two kingdoms in Hindustan kosala was ruled by dasaratha who was the father of ramamithila was ruled by janaka who was the father of sitadasaratha ruled a beautiful kingdom but was sad because he did not get a son from any of his three queens, so he resolved to perform a horse sacrifice so the gods would grant him an heirkausalya the chief queen slayed the horse, and the queens tended to the horseofferings were brought to the gods, and they promised that four sons would be born to dasarathavishnu became the four sons of dasaratharama was the most beautiful of the four sonsone night rama would not stop crying until he was given a mirror, and everyone believe he had obtained the moon Vishwamitra visited the palace and said that the Ra…

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Microfiction: Adam and Eve

IDMB: Adam and Eve The Movie God created the earth, and on the sixth day, he decided to create man. God created Adam, and he was perfect, so from Adam God created Eve so that he would have a companion. Adam named all the animals of the Earth, and when God brought him to heaven, the angels praised him and treated him and eve like royalty. An angel did not want to praise him, so he was expelled from heaven. The same angel tricked Adam and Eve from eating from the sacred tree of life in the Garden of Eden. They were banished from the garden.

Basically Adam and Eve God created Earth and man and ordered them to not eat from the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden. A snake told them to eat from the tree and they did, so they were banished. 
Adam and Eve
Source: New York Times
Author's Note I chose to do the story that I read this week to base my microfiction off of, and it was Adam and Eve! I essentially did a brief plot summary with important details for the first story, and then cut it down e…

Reading Notes: adam and eve, part A

God made man and woman and ordered them to replenish the earth, and filled the earth with food for them to eatGod created the earth for 6 days and rested on the seventhGod created a garden in Eden where he planted the man to watch it and ordered him to eat from every tree but the tree of good and evil the man adam named every creature in earth as God brought them to himGod put a deep sleep on adam and took his rib then closed the flesh so he could make womankindthe man and woman were companions and were both naked in the garden of Eden a serpent came to the garden and asked eve if they could eat from any tree in the garden, and she said any tree but the one in the middle the serpent told her that if they ate from it they'll be fine, god doesn't know if they'll die, and if they eat from it they'll be gods adam and eve ate the apples and immediately became aware they were naked, so they clothed themselvesadam and eve admitted that the serpent told them to eat the apple,…

Topic Research: Greek Goddesses

For this topic, I would focus on different greek goddesses and their origin stories and traits, but make it as if it was a high school setting. There would be two different friend groups that fight with each other.Aphrodite: To tell a story about Aphrodite, I would focus on the fact that she's the goddess of love. She would be a big flirt, and I could even talk about how she had a cheating scandal with her boyfriend Ares.Athena: Since Athena is the goddess of wisdom and strategy, I would make her a very stereotypical book nerd. She would always get in fights with people (given she is the goddess of war). She may probably be the captain of the wrestling team or something like that to reflect her personality. Gaia: Gaia, being the mother of creation and the earth, would be the president of the environmental club and all things green. She would be portrayed as somewhat lonely since she was a very problematic goddess in greek mythology.Pheme: Pheme is more of a support character, but …

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What Kind of Messages Help Kids Grow?
I really liked this article because the way that parents speak to their children is so important. Alot of children who don't receive praise for cognitive landmarks do not have the confidence to step out of their comfort zone when they are older. I liked how they included to be specific with your feedback reinforcement and not just say good job, but say what they did well. 
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How to Provide Great Feedback When You're Not In Charge
Providing feedback to others can be hard, because you don't want to tear down another person's confidence or hurt the feelings. This article does a great job of highlighting the different components of constructive criticism, because just because it's criticism doesn't mean it can't show praise. The article says to always appreciate, which is great advice, then offer advice to improve their work, and only evaluate their performance when necessary. 
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One of my favorite teachers had …